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Learn to develop your

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Perseverance, discipline and will are values lost in today’s society, we teach our students how to be confident, dedicated and courteous individuals for the future


for all ages

Unleash the strength within through our Karate program at The Battlefield. Our well-equipped facility and expert instructors cater to all levels, fostering an inclusive environment for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Led by seasoned instructors, our Karate classes emphasize fundamental techniques, proper forms, and real-world applications


The Battlefield offers a great variety of equipment for you to reach your full potential. We have a wide selection of free weights, cardio equipment and resistance machines. Our highly trained staff is ready to help keep you motivated to meet your goals. Sign up today to take your health & fitness to the next level!

Fitness Kickboxing

ages 14 and up

Fitness kickboxing is a fun, full body workout. Whether you are looking to lose weight, reduce stress, or increase strength & endurance, our 30 minute classes are the perfect solution. These classes will improve your balance, coordination, reactivity, and flexibility. Led by knowledgeable staff, our classes are ready to help get you in fantastic shape and feel amazing


ages 14 and up

From beginners to advanced athletes, our kickboxing program will meet your needs. Whether you are looking to compete, get in shape, or learn self-defense, this program will help make your goals a reality. Our highly trained staff will guide you as you work with partners, practice real-world fighting scenarios, and learn proper forms for striking techniques. You will also learn effective combos using punches, kicks, knees and elbows.

Private Lessons

for all ages:

Take advantage of our nationally and internationally awarded coaches and athletes, so you can enjoy a 45 minutes private class to learn new skills or perfect your techniques. Morning and afternoon times available Monday through Friday by appointment.

Open Gym

for all ages

Our facility has an Open Gym that provides fun and safe activities for teenagers and adults. This is a great opportunity for our members and guests to come in and train what they have learned, spar, practice with partners or to just have fun with the equipment.

What we teach

in our Dojo

Improve your self-defense with martial arts at Kazoku Karate, Greenville, South Carolina - Traditional Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Kai


Karate is a martial art where many techniques that can be used for self defense are put into practice, at The Battlefield you will learn important techniques that will help you defend yourself in real life.

Improve your self-discipline at Kazoku Karate: The best martial art school in Greenville, South Caroline - Traditional Wado-Ryu classes and lessons for kids and adults

Rapidity and self-discipline

Self-discipline is an important and useful virtue that we should all count on. This skill is essential in all areas of life and, although most people recognize its importance, few do anything to strengthen it. Improve your rapidity and character at our Dojo.

By practicing karate you will increase your self-esteem and you will feel better - Kazoku Karate School: Martial Arts in Greenville, South Carolina


According to psychologists, Karate increases safety and self-esteem in children, being ideal to avoid bullying and strengthen the whole body, for this they advise the start of the practice of a sport at an early age, for psychomotor development.

With our martial arts schools in Greenville, South Caroline: Kazoku Karate, you will improve your tactics and reaction - Karate lessons for kids, children and adults

Tatics and reaction

In our Dojo you will learn to improve your reflexes for fighting or martial arts. While factors like technique and skill obviously play a role in your success, the ability to react quickly is essential.

Professional Martial Arts schools in Greenville, South Carolina: kazoku Karate-do Kai: traditional Wado-Ryu lessons and karate classes for children, kids and adults

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