We are happy to announce our new location at 8 Progress Rd, Greenville, SC. with bigger spaces and more services that will better suit your schedule.

Kazoku means Family

Every member of our dojo is another member of this ever-growing family

Kazoku Karate Greenville is a Dojo founded in 2019, in 3795 E North Street, Greenville, SC. Formerly known as Southeast Karate.Transitioned to Wado Ryu Karate style under the instruction of Sensei Pedro Rodriguez and Sensei Alejandro Rodriguez, and also effectively being the first location starting the “Kazoku Wado-Ryu Karate-do Kai” (organization) which is conformed by more than seven locations around the world already.

Our dojo is a safe environment to develop physical skills, mental strength and health, build character, discipline and values through the practice of traditional Karate do Wado Ryu Style. Everyone is welcome to be a part of our family.

We are very traditional and the atmosphere in class is kept very professional, we are constantly studying and improving ourselves into the search of the effectiveness and practicality of Karate.



Competition develops student’s sense of their own strengths and weaknesses, growing their character on the mat and in life. Students at The Battlefield are encouraged (though never required) to compete in various tournaments locally and across the country.

Less than one year after opening, Kazoku Karate students competed and placed in both national and international tournaments across the country gaining the attention and respect of high ranking officials.

Alejandro training his son

“If you develop a brave heart, dojo training and a real fight have the same feeling”
Tatsuo Suzuki